Reading Resources for Parents

A mother and a father reading with their child

Why is reading so important? Because once you learn to read, you read to learn! 

Reading is a lifelong skill you never stop working on, and that’s why it’s a core subject throughout your child’s K–12 education. Until traditional, homeschool, or online school students become fluent, independent readers in middle school or high school, there are four major ways Learning Coaches and parents can offer reading support: 

  • Prevent students from getting discouraged. 

  • Help them with reading mechanics such as phonics, grammar, and spelling. 

  • Choose books that interest them and fit their reading level. 

  • Encourage students to read, and make reading fun for them. 

As you enhance your traditional, homeschool, or online school student’s literacy, you help ensure that your children will have the reading skills to succeed in school, career, and life! 

The original text appeared in the Connections Academy website which includes several websites that offer a range of resource including reading tools, activities, and ideas that will also help you engage your child in reading. 

You can access their website here.