Chromebook FAQS

1.  What device will students receive?
The district will provide ASUS Chromebooks.

2. Who will receive the Chromebooks? 
The district has developed a three-year phase-in plan with the goal of every student in the district having access to a Chromebook.  Chromebooks in year 1 (2017) will be purchased for grades 1,2,5,6, and 9.   Grades 3, 7, 10, and 12 will be added year 2 (2018).  Grades kindergarten, 4, 8, and 11 will be added year 3(2019).  We expect the Chromebooks to last four years and each grade level will be put on a rotation. 

3. How long will students keep their Chromebooks?
Students will keep their Chromebooks until they leave the district through graduation or relocation.  The Chromebooks will be collected each summer. 

4. What will happen to the Chromebooks over the summer?
In order to clean, maintain, and make necessary repairs, the Chromebooks will be collected at the end of each school year.  The Chromebooks will be returned to the student at the beginning of the following school year.

5. Which students will be able to take the Chromebooks off campus?
Students in grades 6-12 will have the option of taking their assigned Chromebook off campus.  Chromebooks for students in kindergarten through 5th grade will remain in the classrooms. 

6. What happens if the Chromebook is damaged or lost?
Students are responsible for the care of their Chromebook.  A one year manufacturer warranty protects the Chromebook from defects in materials and workmanship.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accidents.  The student will be responsible for repair cost for damage from misuse, abuse, or accidents.  Students will be responsible for the replacement cost of the Chromebook if it is lost.  Families have the option of purchasing insurance to alleviate the cost for Chromebook maintenance and repair. 

7. What are the estimated replacement costs?
Replacement Chromebook - $250.00
Replacement Battery - $50.00
Replacement Screen - $50.00
Replacement Keyboard/Touchpad - $50.00
Replacement Power Cord - $25.00
8.  What is the optional insurance fee and how does it work?
Parents have the option to purchase Chromebook insurance for a cost of $25 per year per Chromebook.  The insurance is designed to insure the student’s computer and charger up to the total cost of $250.  The optional insurance will help cover the cost of out-of-warranty repairs and help alleviate some of the financial burden on the family for computer maintenance and repair. If a student has damages greater than $250 per year provided by the insurance, the student will be assessed a fine for the amount needed to cover the repair of the additional damage.  Only one replacement charger is covered under the optional insurance.  

9.  Can I opt my student out of the 1:1 initiative or have my 6th through 12th grade student leave their Chromebook at school?
We believe the 1:1 initiative will create a collaborative learning environment for all learners.  It is our hope that all students will be able to benefit from this initiative.  Parents, however, must give permission before their child is assigned a Chromebook.  Parents have the option for their child to not participate or for their child to leave their assigned Chromebook at school (grades 6-12 only.)

10. Will technical support be provided?
Yes.  Chromebooks in need of repair should be brought to the Tech Center in the high school library.  Loaner Chromebooks will be provided while the repairs are being made.  There is no fee for a loaner Chromebook; however, loaner Chromebooks will only be distributed on and as available basis and may not be taken home. 

11.  How is one student’s Chromebook identified from another student?
Each Chromebook is engraved with a serial number that is specifically tied to a particular student.  This information will be stored by the district so we can determine which Chromebook is assigned to which student. 

12.  What login will students use to get into the device operating system?
Students will each have an email address that is their login and username.  Students will also be provided a password that they will need to remember.    

13.  Will unsafe or inappropriate websites be filtered on the Chromebooks?
The district has web filtering software to monitor, filter, and provide constant protection while on the district network.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to monitor student activity on the Internet while connected to outside or home networks. 

14.  What happens if my child forgets to charge their Chromebook or leaves it at home? 
Students are expected to charge their Chromebooks nightly at home and bring them to school fully charged each day.  If one is available, your child may be issued a loaner Chromebook for the day or until their Chromebook is charged.  If no loaners are available, your child may be without a Chromebook for the day. 

15.  Can the Chromebooks be used with another username?
No.  Students and staff cannot access district-owned Chromebooks with any login other than their district-assigned email.  However, if a student logs into another device (a PC laptop, a school lab computer, a home computer, etc.) all of their information will be available to them on that device using a Chrome browser. 

16. How can students submit work of assignments via their devices?
Students will join the Google Classrooms of their respective teachers.  This app for education was specifically designed for teachers to be able to share assignments with their students and for each student to get his or her own individual copy.  Teachers can post announcements, check for understanding, and attach valuable resources.  In addition, Google Drive has features that allow work to be “shared” between teachers and classmates.  Students can create documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photos, presentations, and even videos. 

17. Since my child’s data and browsing history is in the Google Cloud, is it protected and private?
Google has made privacy and security commitments to education and they can be found at  

19. What steps have been taken to prepare for 1:1? 
Planning for full 1:1 implementation began 5 years ago.  Upgrades to infrastructure and bandwidth to support 1:1 began 3 years ago.   The infrastructure is currently in place to support a 1:1 environment.  The Technology Advisory Committee has visited other 1:1 districts to learn best practices and implementation information.  Every teacher currently has a Chromebook and will receive professional development on Google Classroom. 

20.  What happens if my child’s Chromebook is stolen? 
If the Chromebook is stolen, a formal police report must be filed with the Salem Police Department or Dent County Sheriff’s Department within 48 hours.  A copy of the report must be submitted to your student’s building office.